Washington Teens Save Stranger by Giving CPR

Two high school freshmen are credited with reviving unconscious man.

ByABC News
April 10, 2015, 2:22 PM

— -- Two teenage friends are being credited with helping to save a stranger's life by performing CPR after a man was found unconscious.

Hailey Enick and Jasmine Daniels sprang into action after they came across the unconscious man, who was not breathing, in a Tulalip, Washington, McDonald's parking lot, according to ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle.

"His friend was slapping him and putting water on him," Jasmine Daniels told KOMO-TV. "Everyone was yelling, 'call 911!' His eyes were, like, in the back of his head and he wasn't breathing."

Both of the high school freshmen from Everett, Washington, had learned how to perform CPR this year in their school health class, Daniels' mother, Holly Daniels, told ABC News.

"Turns out we had just done Everett High School three weeks ago," Tim Key, chief of EMS for Everett Fire Department, told KOMO-TV. "They had gotten the training then, so it was very fortuitous timing."

The Everett Fire Department did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for further comment.

The unconscious man has not been identified in media reports.

Holly Daniels said that when the girls arrived to find the unconscious man, who has not been publicly identified, they saw no one had started chest compressions.

The two girls then worked together to help save the man's life.

"They pulled him out [of the car] and put a pillow underneath his head and started CPR on him," Holly Daniels said.

“She said it was different doing it on a real person than on a dummy,” said Daniels' grandmother, Randi Haugen. "Afterwards, they were kind of shook up."

The teens were able to do chest compressions on the unconscious man until EMTs arrived.

"I was nervous. 'Is it going to work? Is it not going to work?'" Enick told KOMO-TV. "I never thought I'd actually have to use [what we learned.]"

Holly Daniels said the unconscious man eventually woke up after help arrived.

"The EMT told Jasmine if they hadn’t started chest compressions the guy wouldn’t have made it," Holly Daniels said.

The girls were to be honored for their efforts by a local hockey club this week.

Holly Daniels said she's still amazed by what her daughter and friend were able to do to save the man's life.

"[It] just kind of amazes me that two teenage kids are the ones who stepped up, compared to the all the adults around," said Holly Daniels.