Woman Says Her Weight Loss Photos Were Stolen to Sell Diet Pills, Again

Roni Noone says her weight loss story was faked, too. Right down to the quotes.

ByABC News
May 15, 2014, 3:41 PM

May 16, 2014— -- A fitness blogger who claimed that her weight loss photos were stolen to sell diet pills last year said it's happened again.

Roni Noone said she found out that a new website was using her weight loss before-and-after images from one of her 6,000 Facebook fans. The 37-year-old mother of two said the website Diets Digest posted the photos along with a bogus story and a phony name to sell their Garcinia Cambogia diet supplements.

Last year a different website used the same photos to sell the same product, Noone said.

“Once again the whole thing is completely fake, right down to the made up quotes and a graph that shows how I lost all the weight in just thirty days,” she said.

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In reality it took Noone over a year to drop seventy pounds, she said. She documented every step of her weight loss journey on her blog, Roni’s Weigh, posting weekly pictures and weigh-ins to inspire herself and her readers.

Noone said both sites stole her first day picture and her goal weight picture directly from her blog.

She said she doesn’t care so much that her pictures were taken without her permission, but she does care that a company would use her images to sell a product that she's never tried and doesn't believe will work.

“If Garcinia Cambogia is so great then why do [these websites] feel the need to use fake stories and photos to sell the product?” she said.

The last time, Noone was able to dig up contact information for the company and have the pictures pulled. The site then replaced her pictures with someone else’s and used the same story word for word, Noone said.

There’s no contact information on the Diets Digest website, so Noone filled out a comments form requesting that the photos be taken down immediately. ABC News filled out the same form asking for comment, but the company has not yet responded to either request.

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