Women need more counseling before deciding to freeze their eggs: Study

Researchers said there is no uniform counseling required prior to the procedure.

— -- Researchers are calling for extensive counseling to be required for women so that they can make a "truly informed decision" before opting to freeze their eggs.

Even as undergoing the procedure has surged in popularity in recent years, there remains no set of uniform counseling guidelines in place for women who elect to cryopreserve their eggs, according to a new review of past research published on Monday in the Journal of Women's Health.

"When a woman of any age chooses to undergo egg retrieval and cryopreservation, she should have access to the knowledge and counseling available to be able to make a truly informed decision," Dr. Susan G. Kornstein, the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Women's Health, said in a statement announcing the study's findings.

The study emphasized that counseling is especially important so that women understand the potential risks associated with pregnancies in older mothers.

ABC News' chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Asthon, said that extensive counseling may not occur that often before women elect to freeze their eggs because often there is a large amount of time in between when a woman has her eggs frozen and when she eventually becomes pregnant or gives birth.