At least 24 people in Europe are dead from freak winter storm

The storm's been dubbed "the Beast from the East."

—LONDON -- Parts of the Arctic are warmer than areas in Europe after a storm that’s been dubbed “the Beast from the East” sent temperatures plunging across the region, even bringing a rare snowstorm to Rome.

The freezing weather system moving from Siberia toward Western Europe has been blamed for the death of 24 people across the continent, according to the AFP news agency.

Warnings were issued across Britain as heavy snow caused flights out of Heathrow Airport to be canceled. The rail network in London and the wider United Kingdom experienced significant delays.

Meanwhile in Rome, residents were seen skiing and sledding as the Italian civil protection agency was mobilized to help clear the snow from streets.

Video also showed frozen canals in Amsterdam -- the first time since 2012. Some brave residents ice skated on the city's waterways.

And it wasn't just residents and commuters who have been affected by the record chill. The car transporting the prime minister of Sweden skidded off a road in the middle of a snowstorm outside of Stockholm. He was uninjured.