Take a 360-Degree Tour of an Aircraft Carrier Fighting Against ISIS

PHOTO: Aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman transits the Gulf of Oman on Dec. 25, 2015. PlayDepartment of Defense
WATCH Onboard an Aircraft Carrier Fighting Against ISIS

Co-anchor of ABC News' "This Week" and Chief Global Affairs Correspondent, Martha Raddatz, went on board the USS Harry S. Truman, located in the Persian Gulf, and got a look at the Navy aircraft carrier and the fight against ISIS.

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The USS Truman has launched over 5,000 aircraft sorties, totaling nearly 13,000 flight hours. There are more than 70 aircraft that operate off the carrier with a majority being F-18 fighter jets.

Take a 360° tour of the USS Truman and get an up close look into the fight against ISIS.

You'll go aboard the bridge, walk with sailors as they clear the deck of potentially dangerous foreign objects, and watch fighter jets take off from Vulture's Row!