Obama Condemns North Korea's Actions, Saying Country Poses a 'Grave Threat'

Obama blasts North Korea's nuclear test, test-firing of missiles.

ByJoohee Cho and Kirit Radia
May 25, 2009, 6:47 AM

LONDON, May 25, 2009 — -- President Obama responded with strong words today to North Korea's announcement that it has conducted a nuclear test and its decision to attempt a short-range missile launch.

"North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world and I strongly condemn their reckless action," the president said in a statement in the White House Rose Garden. "North Korea will not find security and respect through threats and illegal weapons."

"We will work with our friends and allies to stand up to this behavior," the president said and pledged to "never waver" from the commitment to protect the American people.

Noting that Russia, China, South Korea and Japan have all condemned North Korea's actions, the president says the country is "inviting stronger international pressure" and as a result, we will "redouble our efforts toward a more robust international non-proliferation regime that all countries have responsibilities to meet."

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