Kate Middleton's Private Photos Released

Exclusive family photos from the Middleton family album were released today. The five pictures, taken at various stages of Kate Middleton's life, were published on the official royal wedding website along with a detailed biography of the princess-to-be.

The photos include family vacation shots, one taken in the Lake District of northwest England of a three-and-a-half year old Kate Middleton climbing a rock, and another of Kate, her younger sister Pippa and her father on holiday in Jerash, Jordan.

"From the pictures, we see just how normal her background was," Katie Nicholl, author of "The Making of a Royal Romance," tells the Royal Diary. "It gives us a better idea of Kate's life."

There is also a picture of the future princess at St. Andrews University on the day of her graduation in 2005. Fans of the royal couple will enjoy seeing a previously unreleased photograph of Prince William and his fiancee with their arms around each other's waists.

"I think the wonderful thing about these pictures, the palace are starting to release more," Nicholl says. "The palace realized there is an appetite, people want to see a little bit more about her past and her background."

Click here to see the new photographs of Kate Middleton.