Royal Wedding Dinner Dance Details: 1980s Theme, Abba Hits, Ginger Jabs

March 4, 2011, 2:03 PM

March 4, 2011 -- More details have surfaced regarding the post-royal wedding dinner dance. After walking down the aisle at Westminster Abbey before 1,900 guests, the pageantry broadcast worldwide for millions of viewers April 29, Wills and Kate will let loose and boogie down to a 1980s-themed reception with close family and friends, London newspaper, The Sun reports.

"William and Kate are astutely aware their every move during the wedding will be under scrutiny around the world. That is why they want a fantastic after-party so they can relax just like any other happy couple," a Royal source explains.

Special requests for '80s-tastic jams by Wills include hits from Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Culture Club. Princess Diana was a known admirer of Abba, and Kate has followed her lead by requesting the Swedish band's classic wedding-reception dance staples.

"It'll be a wedding disco like those enjoyed by millions of other happy families and friends up and down the country."

Prince Harry will set the tone for the party with his best man speech. Though the boys are incredibly close, Prince Harry plans to goad his big brother a bit.

"Harry has taken a lot of stick from William for being a ginger. He wants to point out that while his hair may be red, there is plenty of it. It is a boast Wills can no longer make."

The younger Prince plans to use a different kind of "hare" reference to tease his brother. Harry has nearly completed his flight training on Apache gunships, a much faster plane than the Sea King search-and-rescue helicopter William co-pilots. Planning to use this difference in their military aviation careers, Harry will compare the brothers to the fable of the tortoise and the hare.

"Harry has joked that his brother plods about in a Sea King, while he flies an Apache -- but by getting married, tortoise Wills has won the race."

"Harry is so proud of William. While there will be a lot of joking, he will also be singing his brother's praises during his speech."

The next morning, the newlyweds will depart on a two-week honeymoon. But not before a night spent laughing, dancing and celebrating their love at the £75,000 ($88,000) bash thrown by a proud papa, Prince Charles.

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