Kate Middleton's Baby Talk

July 4, 2011— -- Prince William and his new bride have only been married a few months, but that doesn't mean Canadian well-wishers aren't thinking about future heirs.

As Kate Middleton greeted fans in Quebec City on Sunday, one fan wished Kate well in starting a family. Kate who has not spoken publicly about having children, was overheard saying, "Yes, I hope to."

"It was really quite a surprise to hear her say that, quite an emotional response," said Katie Nicholl, an ABC News contributor and author of "The Making of a Royal Romance." "For Kate to give such an intimate aspiration is very special.

"You look at the two of them. It's the chemistry, the love between them. It won't be long before they will," she added.

The moment happened when two little girls went up to the royal couple to give them flowers. The father of one of the little girls, David Cheater, was the fan who received Kate's unexpected response.

According to People magazine, Cheater told reporters, "Kate said to me, 'What a beautiful daughter you have.' " The Duchess grazed the little girl's head with her hand and gave her a smile.

"It was privilege, a real privilege," Cheater said, holding 2-year-old daughter Raffaella.