Prince Harry's Polar Plunge for Soldiers

March 30, 2011— -- En route to the North Pole with soldiers for charity, Prince Harry took a dip in the Arctic Ocean in a fully waterproof suit.

The soldiers are members of the Walking With the Wounded team hoping to become the first amputees to reach the top of the world. To show his support, the prince -- a fellow soldier -- joined them for the first days of their trek.

When asked why he joined at the beginning of the soldiers' journey, rather than the end, Harry replied, "It didn't seem right to turn up for the last week and take the glory with these guys. So I much rather go with them in their first week and send them on their way trying to get the banter out and then jump on a plane and get home."

His reason for returning home? The Royal Wedding is now less than a month away! Reporters asked whether Harry will prepare his best man's speech while out in the wilderness. Harry gave a cheeky reply, bringing the focus right back to the worthy cause.

"Writing a speech while stuck in a tent at minus 40 [degrees Celsius]? If there is time, maybe I might give it some thought, but pens and paper should probably be saved for somewhere back home. I am here for these guys and these guys alone, so that part of my life will be kept separate."