Grandmother Knows Best

April 4, 2011— -- When you strip away the titles, the pomp and the circumstance, Queen Elizabeth is really just a grandmother. And like any other, the queen has always been there to support her grandsons.

Christenings, graduations, even on the job. On Friday, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited William at the air force base where he is a search and rescue pilot.

Being the head of the royal household, the queen not only plays a major role overseeing all the royal wedding preparations, she also plays a pivotal role in the princes' daily lives.

"She's always there to lean on and to be asked advice," Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth's former press secretary, told the Royal Diary. "William and Harry have got their heads screwed on the right way, but if there is a little bit of a problem troubling them, then yes, she's always there to hear them out."

In 2007, Prince William said "'my grandmother inspires me. ... I look up to what she does."

Even Harry controls his not-so-inner bad-boy when grandma is around. The best man told ABC's Bob Woodruff he will be on his best behavior under her watchful eye at the wedding.

"I will have a few stories. I think my grandmother will be there so I'll have to be selective."

And the boys have repaid their grandmother back by introducing her to modern day technology.

"They taught her how to Twitter, how to text, how to use a mobile phone properly," Arbiter said. "So there's constant communication between [them]."