A Royal Tour of Canada

Will's and Kate's first official trip as a married couple will be to Canada.

LONDON, Feb. 16, 2011— -- First we hear that Kate Middleton has been given a mentor. Sir David Manning, former British ambassador to the United States, is to advise her on state matters and foreign affairs.

Next thing we know an official trip has been planned.

Canada is the destination of choice.

Prince Will and Kate have accepted an invitation from the government of Canada, and they will jet off this summer.

Their route will include Alberta, the Northwest Territories, (the aptly named) Prince Edward Island, Quebec and the National Capital Region.

A detailed itinerary will be published at a later date, but we know that the couple will be jetting of from June 30 to July 8, 2011.

This will coincide with the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa on July 1.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper invited the couple to Canada after they announced their engagement in November.

Canada is also issuing stamps in honor of the royal couple; standard family procedure for Will but, perhaps, more of a novelty for Miss Middleton.