Even More Royal Wedding Shoe Sketches

March 15, 2011— -- More royal wedding shoe sketches have surfaced, and this time the fancy footwear is not just for Kate Middleton – two designers have come out with suggestions for Prince William as well.

Kevin Martel, the creative director at Harrys of London, has two suggestions for William. His first is a black velvet loafer topped with a braided cord and grosgrain trim tassel, according to Footwear News. Martel's other design is a black patent leather one-piece oxford with black grosgrain trim.

"We have it on very good authority that Wills will be wearing a bespoke military uniform of some sort, so the only 'acceptable' choice would be something simple, shiny and black," Martel tells Footwear News.

Daniel Silver, co-designer at Duckie Brown, has something different in mind: a beaded brogue with dark turquoise, orange, red and chocolate beads, Footwear News reports. "A hand-beaded brogue is the male glass slipper," Brown said.

As for Kate, to mimic her engagement ring, designer Stuart Weitzman says she should wear a strappy sandal studded with sapphires. "This style brings an airiness of spring with its delicate feminine sapphires and keeps with the tradition of Princess Diana's engagement ring," Weitzman tells Footwear News.

Or to follow in Diana's footsteps once again, Kate could bear Walter Steiger's design of a strappy sandal in white satin topped with a precious stone and completed with his signature hook heel, Footwear News reported.

"Lady Diana was an affectionate Walter Steiger client, and my idea was to create a shoe inspired by one of her favorite styles. This is a simple and precious shoe for a modern and elegant princess," Steiger said.

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