Royal Wedding Upgrade in Store For Household Cavalry

March 17, 2011— -- The Household Cavalry is getting a royal upgrade just in time for the royal wedding.

Made up of active soldiers in the army, the Household Cavalry has participated in royal events and ceremonies dating back to 1660, including the Queen's birthday parade and the state opening of Parliament.

The Yellow Advertiser Today says Hobson & Sons, a uniform company, received a call from the army requesting 200 new pairs of gloves, known as gauntlets, for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Each glove will feature two types of leather – white kid leather for the hand and chrome butt leather for the cuff. To make the pure white color, the British Army will whiten the gloves before the wedding.

Although providing the gloves is an honor for this 161-year-old company, the phone call may not have come as a surprise, since Hobson was also responsible for the waist belts, cross belts, plumes and gloves that were worn during Diana and Prince Charles' wedding.

"It is a great honor. We make a lot of accoutrements for Ministry of Defense all year but we are very proud to be this involved in such a fantastic celebration," the company tells the Yellow Advertiser Today.