Food Fit for the Royal Couple

ByKylie Sobel
April 08, 2011, 2:31 PM

April 8, 2011— -- The menu for the royal wedding reception is still a closely guarded secret. Yet culinary sources are certain the couple and their 300 guests will eat foods that celebrate traditions in English cooking.

Predictions for the meal include steaks, fruitcakes and tea biscuits.

"It will be as British as possible," Darren McGrady, the personal chef to Prince William, Prince Harry and Lady Diana until her death in 1997, told Agence France-Press.

To begin, McGrady speculated to AFP, "I think they'll have as the first course some sort of salad with a terrine ... one of the most popular is the Gleneagles pate, which is like a terrine of smoked trout, smoked salmon and smoked mackerel pate."

For the entree, McGrady continued, "I would see Gaelic steaks, tenderloin steaks in a whiskey mushroom sauce or an organic lamb from Highgrove," which is Prince Charles's farm.

As dessert, perhaps guests will be served a banana flan. McGrady's memories of a young Prince William influence his guess. "When I cooked for Prince William, his favorite dessert was banana flan. Whenever he came over at weekends, he would ask for banana flan. The queen likes it, and he still does."

It is a tradition for British royal weddings that the menu is written in French. "The queen speaks fluent French, and it dates back to the days where the whole kitchen was French," said royal chef McGrady.

Food is a key ingredient to any great wedding. And when the wedding also happens to be royal, no expense is spared for delicious treats that will be enjoyed by the couple and guests alike.

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