Royal Wedding Details: Bridesmaids, Hotel Arrangements

Here's an inside look at bridesmaids and Kate and William's hotel.

ByABC News
January 31, 2011, 7:39 AM

Jan. 31, 2011 — -- As plans for the royal wedding take shape and more details slowly leak out to the public, the big news is that best man Prince Harry might be getting back together with his on-again-off-again love Chelsy Davy.

Harry is said to be bringing Davy, who may be moving back to London, to the April 29 wedding, royal author Katie Nicholl told "Good Morning America" today.

Regardless, it's clear that both princes -- William and Harry -- have been left alone to pursue royal romance on their own terms.

"The royal family has learned lessons from Diana. The great legacy that Diana left William is [that] he can or has been able to marry whomsoever he wants," biographer Andrew Morton, author of "Diana: Her True Story," told "GMA."

While the couple wants to ensure that Princess Diana is part of the wedding, the two also wants to forge their own way.

"One of the things that William is very concerned about is that Catherine doesn't try to follow in Diana's footsteps, and that she makes her own identity," said Morton.

To make their wedding their own, the couple has played a role in every step of the wedding planning. William and Kate Middleton reportedly plan to take over London's exclusive Goring Hotel for their reception. Kate could possibly spend her last night at the Goring before she takes her vows, although William will probably stay elsewhere.

The Goring Hotel, located near Buckingham Palace, is rumored to be the location for the royal wedding party's guests. The 100-year-old hotel is intimate, luxurious and private, and has its own royal pedigree: During the queen's coronation, many of the royal families of Europe stayed at the Goring.

The Goring also has historical significance. Its kitchen was the command center for the Chief of Allied Forces during World War I.

Winston Churchill visited his mother who lived at the Goring in 1919. More recently, it has hosted the likes of David Frost, actor Christopher Plummer of "The Sound of Music," Vanessa Redgrave, Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Ferguson.

Kate has yet to select all of her bridesmaids.

"Kate's sister is going to be chief bridesmaid," said Nicholl, who wrote "William and Henry Behind the Palace Walls." As for the rest of the bridesmaids, "she's still undecided," said Nicholl. "It seems to me that she's not great at decision making."

As far as a bachelor party goes, Harry made a secret trip to a club in London, but William may want to have the party outside London.

"I think he wants it to be more low-key than that. Somewhere where they really can't be spied on. William is taking the matter into his own hands," said Nicholl.

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Life After the Wedding

Middleton and William's will spend their first year in Wales, where the prince is a search and rescue pilot. The queen is said to want to give them time to adjust to married life, but they may embark on a visit to Australia and Canada soon after the wedding.

"One of the things that William and Kate like most of all is the word 'normal.' They like to have a cozy night in, watching TV, putting their feet up and not [worrying] about attending a banquet, being photographed or having to be on display. It will be a very gradual introduction to royal life for Catherine," said Morton.

Princess Diana gave birth to William within a year of her wedding.

"I would bet the farm on the fact that in a year's time we'll be sitting here debating whether it will be a girl or a boy," Morton said.

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ABC News' Carolyn Durand contributed to this story.