Brussels Attacks: X-Ray Shows Nail or Screw Lodged in Victim's Chest

The object appears to have caused the patient's lung to partially collapse.

— -- A graphic X-ray image shows a large nail or screw lodged in the chest of a person injured during the Brussels terror attacks this morning.

The photo appears to show the nail or screw puncturing the patient's lung, causing it to partially collapse. The image was taken at the Military Hospital in Neder-over-Heembeek in northern Brussels, according to the European Pressphoto Agency, which obtained the photo.

No further details about the patient's condition were immediately available.

Explosions at Brussels Airport in Zaventum and at the Maelbeek metro station left at least 34 dead and upwards of 180 injured, according to officials.

One survivor, Ketevan Kardava, was buying a ticket on the first floor of the airport's departure hall, when she suddenly saw a "big black item" ignite.

"I don’t know if it was a bag or suitcase or something," Kardava said. "I don’t know what it was, but it had a flame, and in a second everything filled with smoke."

After the first explosion, she said she saw people scattered across the room -- some running and some on the floor.

A few seconds later, she said she heard another explosion.

"It was such terrible sounds," she said. "We were waiting for [a] third one, you know, and don’t know what to do."

After releasing a photo showing possible suspects from the deadly blasts at the airport, Belgian federal police have issued a call for information about the man in the tan coat pictured on the right of the image in question.

Meanwhile, people in Brussels have been coming together to provide aid, transportation, shelter and comfort. The international community has also taken to social media to express solidarity through positive messages and art.