Brussels Terror: US Mom Breaks Down on Call With Son Who's Experienced 3 Attacks

Mason Wells was injured during explosions at the Brussels airport.

ByABC News
March 23, 2016, 10:17 AM

— -- The U.S. teenager who experienced his third terror attack says he will likely be hospitalized for “a couple weeks” with injuries he sustained from bombings at the Brussels Airport Tuesday.

“My right hand is kind of badly burned,” Mason Wells, 19, told his parents, Chad and Kymberly Wells, in a phone call late Tuesday, adding that he also has burns on the right side of his head.

Good Morning America” was with the Wells family when their son -- one of three U.S. Mormon missionaries injured in the airport explosions -- spoke to his parents for the first time since the attack.

“I don't feel like you need to come here but I'm not going to stop you if you guys want to do that,” Wells told his parents when his dad told him we was planning to travel to see him.

Kymberly Wells broke down in tears when her son told her how long he thought he would be hospitalized.

Wells suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, shrapnel injures, as well as second- and third-degree burns on his face and hands after the bombing, his father told ABC News.

“It's a miracle he's alive. It's a blessing from God he's alive,” Chad Wells said. “He's grateful to be alive, to have survived this.

“We're grateful that he survived such a horrible thing because being right there at ground zero and right next to the attack and to survive is nothing short of a huge miracle,” he said.

Chad Wells said that during the Boston Marathon bombing, he was with his son a block away from the finish line, where the bombing took place, waiting for Kymberly, who ran the marathon. None of them was injured.

The family said Wells was also in France in November during the Paris attacks that killed 130 people, though not in the immediate vicinity.

The attack in Brussels Tuesday occurred four days after authorities captured Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in the Paris attacks.

Chad Wells added that after Tuesday's attack, a Mormon official relayed to the Wells family that Mason, "despite being on the ground and bleeding, actually had a sense of humor and remained calm through the situation. That’s our Mason."

ABC News' Gillian Mohney contributed to this report.