Canadian Man Puts Resume on a 4-Pack of Craft Beer, Lands Job

Canadian designer gets a job with his unique "Resum-Ale."

ByABC News
June 27, 2014, 1:26 PM

— -- Employers receive countless resumes from hopeful job applicants, but not many come in the form of craft-brewed 4-packs of beer.

Brennan Gleason, a designer from British Columbia, decided to try an unconventional approach to his resume, opting to showcase his qualifications on his home-brewed blonde beer, dubbed “Resum-Ale,” instead of the standard one-page CV.

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“A resume is an important first impression for any potential employer,” Gleason told ABC News. “A standard resume just won’t cut it.”

Gleason, who had recently developed a passion for home brewing, was struck with inspiration when he decided to combine his two passions, designing and brewing beer.

To truly showcase all of his abilities, the designer put his resume on the box and a different piece of his work on each bottle, culminating in the ultimate self promotion via alcoholic beverage.

After sending the custom 4-packs to three potential employers, Gleason ultimately secured a job with Techtone, a digital marketing agency in Vancouver.

Cheers to Resum-Ale!