Canadian Police Chase Famous Knife-Stealing Crow for Tampering With Crime Scene Evidence

"It is not the first time the VPD has had an encounter with this same crow."

— -- Tampering with crime scene evidence is a serious offense, but this culprit isn't fazed by his latest escapade.

We're talking about Canuck the Crow, a Canadian bird known for his frequent run-ins with police and long rap sheet, which includes stealing knives and keys and dismantling police patrol car equipment.

"Canuck the Crow did pick up a knife at the scene of a shooting on Tuesday and began to fly away before it was chased by officers, flew about 20 or 30 feet and dropped it," the Vancouver Police Department confirmed to ABC in a statement Thursday.

Police say the knife was eventually retrieved and entered into evidence.

As for Canuck, who is easily identified by the tiny orange ankle bracelet around his left leg, police do not plan on charging him for tampering with evidence and evading law enforcement, but they want to warn him not to push his luck.

"It is not the first time the VPD has had an encounter with this same crow," the VPD statement pointed out.

The now-famous black bird has a huge Facebook fan base -- over 13,000 followers and counting.

"For some reason he loves living a double life. He's got a life with crows and a life with humans," Shawn Bergman, who calls himself Canuck's best friend, told ABC News.