Armed Militants Storm Chechnyan Parliament Buildings in Deadly Attack

A shootout with police left all the gunmen dead.

MOSCOW Oct. 19, 2010— -- At least four militants and three policemen were killed in an early morning attack on the Parliament complex in Russia's Chechnya region, according to authorities and local news reports.

Another four militiamen and 17 others -- six police officers and 11 civilians -- injured were injured after gunmen stormed into heavily fortified government buildings and one insurgent blew himself up.

Three gunmen gained access to the Parliament building by following a car carrying deputies, according to Russian news agency Interfax.

The deadly attack took place as ministers were arriving for work.

A shootout erupted with police and all of the gunmen were killed, Chechen presidential spokesman Alvi Kerimov told the Associated Press.

Early reports indicated that no civilians were injured or killed.

The speaker of the Parliament escaped unharmed. The deputies inside the building at the time were taken to safety.

Russian news agencies reported earlier that insurgents had also attacked the Agriculture Ministry building, according to the Associated Press.

The building is located in the same complex as the Parliament and that incident appeared to be part of the same attack.

Moscow-backed President Ramzan Kadyrov is known for leading security forces in battles with militants.

The last attack in Chechnya and the last time Kadyrov took charge was in late August when militants attacked Kadyrov's home village of Tsentoroi.

In that attack, 12 militants were killed along with two of his bodyguards and five policemen.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.