Chicago College Student Survives 2 Days Lost in the Swiss Alps

PHOTO: Mark Doose, a college student from Chicago, was lost for two days in the Swiss Alps after a snowstorm.PlayABC News
WATCH Chicago Teen Survives Snowstorm in the Swiss Alps

A college student from Chicago who was lost for two days in the Swiss Alps described his rescue after getting lost in a snowstorm.

Mark Doose said he fell about 114 feet into a ravine while trying to follow ski lift supports down a mountain.

In an interview with Eurovision, Doose said he made some quick decisions once he knew he was lost.

"In my head, I said if I stop moving then I might not start moving then," he said. "That was the main thing - to stay moving."

Over the next two days, Doose built a snow cave, waded through an ice cold river three times, and climbed out of the ravine.

Doose yelled for five hours for help and - two days after he lost his way - he was found by a passer-by.

"When they first answered me that was just incredible," Doose said. "To have someone responding after not talking to anyone and having anyone hearing me for almost two and a half days - so that was definitely pretty emotional."

Rescue crews airlifted Doose off the Alps on Sunday. He was transported to a hospital in the Bernese Alps with mild hypothermia.

Christian Reber - the man responsible for the rescue team - said in French, "It was not only his good physical condition but also his mental strengths which helped him out to survive."