Crufts Dog Show Finds Another Owner Worried Pet May Have Been Poisoned

"Anyone could slip something in the water bowls," she said.

LONDON— -- Although organizers of the British Crufts Dog Show have denied any connection between the sickness and poisoning of five dogs, one owner says she is concerned her sheepdog may have been poisoned at the event.

“After getting her ready for the show, I left her for 20 minutes to get a sandwich, and when I came back, I don’t know what they gave her but she had been violently sick,” Mylee Thomas said of her dog named Myter Eye to Eye.

Thomas does not believe her dog’s case is related to that of Jagger, the dog whose owners have said he was poisoned at the weekend show before later dying in Belgium. But Thomas is eagerly waiting to see security tape of the event to understand what happened.

“Food and water are provided by owners but anyone could slip something in the water bowls,” Thomas told ABC News, adding that her dog was in an open cage.

Investigations are still under way into what killed Jagger, 3, who died Friday after attending the dog show in the town of Birmingham.

The Kennel Club’s secretary, Caroline Kisko, said: “Allegations about dogs being poisoned at Crufts are understandably distressing to dog owners and lovers,” adding “anyone who puts a dog’s welfare at risk could face prosecution under the Animal Welfare Act.”

Measures will only be addressed when the toxicology report concludes at the end of the week.

British police are working with Crufts officials to secure potential evidence but have not yet received any complaint or been asked to investigate the incident.