'Disunited States': How World Media Are Reacting to Election Night

Newspapers around the globe described the U.S. as a divided country.

ByABC News
November 9, 2016, 2:51 AM

— LONDON -- News outlets around the globe are reacting after Donald Trump pulled off a stunning victory over rival Hillary Clinton. Here’s what the headlines are saying as the world wakes up to a new American president-elect.

Many portrayed the U.S. as a divided country. British newspaper The Daily Telegraph called the election “America’s Brexit” — referring to the U.K.’s narrow vote in June to leave the European Union, which contradicted most polls. The newspaper’s Wednesday front page reads, “Divided America Bitter to the End.”

Page 1 of The Guardian says, “After a brutal contest that has riven America, a nation speaks.” The U.K.’s i newspaper dubbed the U.S. the “Disunited States” and mentioned that financial markets went into turmoil as Trump appeared likely to win.

On The New Zealand Herald’s front page, a photo-illustration of Donald Trump, evoking Shepard Fairey’s 2008 “Hope” poster of Barack Obama, was accompanied by the words “Dear America … No You Can’t!”

The Iran Daily wrote on its Wednesday front page that “a polarized America” went to the polls and that the winner of the election “will inherit an anxious nation, angry and distrustful of leaders in Washington.”

NT News Australia invited Americans to move to Australia or at least go on vacation there. Below the headline “We Want You” over an illustration of Uncle Sam wearing a hat with a crocodile teeth band, it read, “Dear Americans, Today you will likely have a new President of the United States. No matter who wins, the nation is divided and it’s time for you to move ... We have a lifestyle unmatched anywhere else Down Under. Even if you don’t want to move here, it’s time you came for a holiday.”

Mexican news site Animal Politico described the fall of the Mexican peso in the wake of Donald Trump’s lead and wrote that “Hillary needs a miracle” to win, and Mexican news website SinEmbargo.mx wrote that “Trump has surprised everyone” and that polls “seem to have failed.”

German magazine Der Spiegel wrote in an online article that “Trump versus Clinton will go down in the history of America as the dirtiest campaign in modern times” and that it sometimes seemed as if “gifted scriptwriters” were involved in the campaign.

France’s Le Monde daily newspaper reported that Trump was "assured" to carry the election after winning Pennsylvania and that global financial markets are “destabilized” by a possible Trump victory.

Polish Fakt wrote that Americans in despair want to emigrate to Poland.

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