Esther, the 650-pound 'Wonder Pig' Instagram star, falls ill

Owners Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter said their beloved pet fell ill Saturday.

— -- The Toronto couple who owns the Internet-famous "Esther the Wonder Pig" told ABC News today that their beloved 650-pound pet became very ill over the weekend and was rushed to a veterinary hospital.

Jenkins and Walter rushed her to a veterinary hospital in Ontario but said veterinarians there were unable to diagnose the problem. Esther is now home and is doing better, they said, but they are still concerned about her unknown condition.

Jenkins and Walter said they inherited Esther from an acquaintance on Facebook and were initially under the impression that their new pet was a miniature pig that would grow to only 70 pounds.

Despite weighing only two or three pounds when the couple got her, Esther was not a “mini pig” at all. Her owners said she had actually once belonged to a factory farm where she potentially could have been slaughtered for food.

Already too attached to her, Jenkins and Walter decided to keep Esther and have been raising her like one of their dogs.