Heartbreak and Anger Outside Jordanian Pilot's Family Home

Outrage over brutal ISIS execution of Lt. Muath al-Kasasbeh.

ByABC News
February 3, 2015, 3:53 PM

AMMAN, Jordan— -- Angry crowds have gathered outside the home of the Jordanian pilot's relatives following the release of a video that allegedly shows his brutal execution at the hands of ISIS.

The public outrage comes after the terror group shared a video that purports to show the pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kasasbeh, in an orange jumpsuit in an outdoor cell before being set on fire.

The brutality of the execution has prompted calls for retribution by the protesters, and ABC News' Nasser Atta is on the ground in Amman.

Here is a description of how the scene unfolded as word spread about the violent video:

The crowds began to assemble on the family's diwan, which is a large area in front of receiving houses where people gather when visiting from different tribes, late this evening.

Jordanian King Abdullah is currently in Washington and had a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry moments before the video was released. About two hours after the news broke, a taped statement by King Abdullah was aired on Jordanian television, where he condemned the killing of the pilot, denounced his killing as being contrary to the teachings of Islam.

"We stand by the family of the hero martyr and with our people and our armed forces, in this tragedy that has touched all Jordanians," the king said in the statement that was recorded in the U.S. this afternoon.

"It is the duty of all Jordanians to stand side by side, show the metal of the Jordanian people in facing the challenges that will only make us stronger and more united," he said.