Hillary Clinton Logo for 2016 Presidential Campaign Riles Up Internet

"Seriously, that ... logo looks like it was made in MS Paint," one Tweet said.

Here are some of Twitter's most hilarious reactions.

And users want to know: What's the logo symbolize? Why's the arrow pointing to the right?

While some people feel the arrow is reaching out to right-wing Americans, this guy is seeing a connection to Tinder.

Regardless of what message the logo was meant to send across, others just outright hate how it looks aesthetically. And unfortunately for Clinton, people are not sugarcoating their dissing.

Visual communication scholar Keith Kennery told ABC News today one explanation for the strong reactions to the logo is that people respond first to their senses -- what they can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Kennery said if he had to improve the logo, he'd redesign it from scratch. the red arrow is one of the logo's main problems, he added.

"Red is a symbol for danger, and the campaign has a big and bold red arrow pointing right to the right that's dominating the whole logo," he said. "I don’t know if the public wants that. The logo also looks industrial with all the hard edges of the rectangles and arrow. It just doesn't have a warm, fuzzy, welcoming feel."

Clinton's campaign team did not immediately respond to ABC News' calls and email requesting comment.