Identical Triplet Sisters Get Married Together in Joint Wedding in Brazil

Their husbands have confused them in the past, the wedding photographer said.

Tagiane Bini, Rocheli Bini and Rafala Bini, all 29, wore the same dresses and had the same hairstyle and makeup when they tied the knot. The only difference among them were the colors of their bouquets.

The ceremony, which took place in Catedral Nossa Senhora Aparecida on March 21, was "special and one of a kind," wedding photographer Diovane Moraes told ABC News today. There were over 600 guests, he added.

Tagiane's husband is Eduardo, Rocheli's husband is Gabriel and Rafaela's husband is Rafael, Moraes said, adding he he did not know their last names.

The men have hilariously mixed up their brides in the past, Moraes said, explaining Eduardo once mistook Rocheli for Tagiane and accidentally hugged Rocheli from behind.

But the grooms had no problem differentiating the loves of their lives on the big day, Moraes said. Eduardo said he could instantly tell who Tagiane was because "she was the most beautiful one," according to Moraes.

Tagiane Bini referred a request for comment to Moraes, who was better able to communicate in English.

Wedding planning blogger and guest Adriadne Durante blogged about the event, saying the three sisters chose traditional decorations and have always had nearly identical tastes in clothing and hairstyle.

The family has a tradition of marrying relatives on the same day, she added.