Inside the Stade de France Hit By Multiple Explosions in Paris Attacks

Police sources say there were explosions near a French football stadium.

— -- Multiple attacks including explosions and shootings have left at least 100 people dead, according to police sources.

The situation is still unfolding but two of the hubs of the violence were a soccer stadium -- the site of multiple explosions -- and a concert venue.

A soccer match was being played in the stadium when explosions could be heard, and one audience member's Vine video appears to show the moment of one of the blasts.

The French and German national teams were facing off at the time of the blasts this evening. It was not clear how many people were there, but the stadium itself can hold more than 81,000 people -- one of the largest in Europe. French President Francois Hollande was in the crowd but made it out of the stadium safely.

The deputy mayor of Paris has said that there were at least three fatalities at the stadium, though police sources tell ABC News the death toll throughout the city is believed to be in the dozens.