Iraq's Army Left Weapons Like These in the Hands of Terrorists Today

Rifles, humvees, and ammo were left behind by the Iraqi army.

June 10, 2014— -- Iraq's army fled the city of Mosul today as it was taken by armed Islamic militants, leaving behind weapons and equipment that had been sent to Iraq from the United States.

The militants, part of the Al Qaeda-affiliated ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), quickly disseminated photos of soldiers with American-made humvees.

The U.S. has sold Iraq rifles, ammunition, Hellfire missiles, aircraft, and reconnaissance drones in an effort to help the country's military to defend against attacks by terrorists. Now, the items have ended up in the possession of the terrorists.

Usama Nujaifi, speaker of Iraq's parliament, condemned the Army for deserting the city and leaving behind all of the equipment, including armored vehicles.