Lonely Baby Koala Finds Comfort in Plush Toy After Losing Mother to Car Accident

The joey was on his mom's back when a car hit them and killed her on impact.

— -- Baby koala Shayne was recently riding on his mother's back when a car struck them and forever changed the joey's life, according to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which is now caring for Shayne.

The impact immediately killed the baby koala's mom and tossed him over 65 feet, the zoo said in a news release on Monday. Shayne was being chased by crows when rescuers found him.

"Poor Shayne was left to fend for himself," the Australia Zoo said.

Its wildlife hospital director, Dr. Rosie Booth, added that it was "very fortunate" Shayne was rescued so quickly. She said in the news release that the joey "wouldn't have lasted even a day in the wild by himself at his young age."

Though the 9-month-old joey was not physically injured during the accident, he is still reeling from "the loss of his mum," Booth added.

The lonely joey was recently caught on video being consoled with a plush toy koala.

Baby Shayne is now getting round-the-clock "constant attention, comfort, and food," the zoo said.

It added that once the baby koala "is of acceptable weaning age and weight," he will "learn essential climbing and social skills from other young koalas before being released to the wild."