Migrants Surprised by Polar Bear When They Try to Sneak Onto Truck

The incident was caught on camera in France.

— -- A group of migrants who were trying to get to the U.K. from France thought they would hitch a ride on green truck, but they were in for a surprise when they opened the back.

The man in the car behind the truck was filming the truck's journey in an effort to document the polar bear's trip from Moscow, Russia, to Yorkshire, England, and inadvertently got the would-be stowaways on camera.

The video shows a group of about eight men approach the back of the truck near the port of Callais, open the door only to be greeted by the caged bear, whose name is Nissan.

Some of the men were predictably shocked and dropped back, but it didn't stop three of the men from climbing in.

The BBC reports that police were called, and the video shows the truck being pulled over to allow the officers to climb in and get the three men out from their hiding spaces behind the bear's cage.