Notre Dame Cathedral fire triggers flood of memories on social media

Hundreds posting photos and memories of visits to Notre Dame Cathedral.

April 16, 2019, 12:53 PM

As the Notre Dame Cathedral is interwoven with the fabric of French history, the devastating fire that nearly destroyed it on Monday triggered a flood of memories on social media from people around the world who have visited the Gothic church.

On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, people posted photos of the iconic 13th Century house of worship on the Seine and shared recollections of their visits there.

Instagram user JP Nadales posted a photo of herself posing in front of the main rococo doors of the basilica, writing that she was in "awe of it’s spires, the details that told stories, the oak interiors that echoed whispered prayers. I will visit you again, and despite the difference in form, I know that you will welcome me like a long-lost friend."

Traveler Katerina Lin took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself standing at the edge of the Seine against the backdrop of the cathedral's famous twin bell towers, writing, "My heart is broke like every Parisian ..."

Connie Taylor Krupp posted an old photo on Instagram of her sons and their father touring on the roof of the cathedral.

"Sweet photo of my boys and their dad when they were 10 years old," Krupp wrote. "Their first trip to France to see their grandparents. Notre Dame was the first place we took them (well, after Haagen Dazs that is). I hope they take their children there someday too."

On Twitter, Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple, called Notre Dame a "symbol of hope."

Twitter user Maxwell Cavenham recalled a trip to Paris one Christmas season and how he will "never forget" walking to Notre Dame in the snow.

"Snow started coming down heavily, the doors were open as it was almost Christmas, endless candles lit the way to a choir singing a hauntingly beautiful hymn..Ethereal. Sad, but she'll rise again," Maxwell wrote.

Twitter user Ainsley Renee wrote: "Visiting Notre-Dame was one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever experienced due to the building’s immense amount of culture, art, and history."

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