Oscar Pistorius Trial: Security Guard Says Athlete Told Him 'Everything Is Fine'

PHOTO: Oscar Pistorius sits in the dock during his trial at the high court in Pretoria, South Africa, March 7, 2014.PlayThemba Hadebe/AP Photo
WATCH Former Girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius Takes the Stand in His Murder Trial of Reeva Steenkamp

A security guard in Oscar Pistorius' gated community testified today that he saw the athlete carrying Reeva Steenkamp's bloodied body downstairs shortly after the paralympian told him "everything is fine."

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Pieter Baba, a security guard who was on duty in Pistorius' building the night Steenkamp was killed, said he called the athlete moments after residents reported hearing gunshots.

"Security, everything is fine," Baba said Pistorius told him.

"But I could hear everything was not fine," the security guard said.

Moments later, Baba said Pistorius called him back but was so distraught from crying that he was unable to speak.

Baba testified he was shocked when he saw Pistorius coming down the stairs with a bloodied Reeva Steenkamp in his arms. He said he did not go inside the mansion and was ordered to call police and an ambulance.

Pistorius' legal team suggested Baba had the two calls the wrong way around.

"We will get back to that on Monday," Barry Roux told the witness as court adjourned for the day.

Ex Girlfriend Testifies About Pistorius

Pistorius' ex-girlfriend, Samantha Taylor, also took the stand today. She broke down and cried as she talked about the paralympian's obsession with guns and the reasons their relationship failed.

"He cheated on me with Reeva Steenkamp," she told the court. He's on trial for her murder, having shot her through a bathroom door, claiming he thought she was an intruder.

Taylor was called to testify about an incident in which Pistorius allegedly fired a bullet through an open sunroof of a car. A mutual friend, Darren Fresco, was driving the vehicle in which she and Pistorius were passengers when Fresco was pulled over for speeding. As the police officer approached, Pistorius placed his gun on the seat next to him, Taylor said.

She said the officer admonished Pistorius and momentarily took hold of the weapon. Bullets fell out of the gun. According to Taylor, Pistorius was extremely angry that the officer touched his gun and discussed firing at a traffic light. Instead, she said, he fired the gun out of the sunroof, after which both men laughed.

In testimony earlier this week, a friend said Pistorius accidentally fired off a gun in a restaurant about a month before the killing, then convinced another member of the dinner party to take the blame.

Taylor refuted one of the defense's central claims – that Pistorius sounds like a woman when he screams. Several witnesses have testified that they heard a woman scream on the night of Steenkamp's death. The defense has argued that it was Pistorius who screamed.

Taylor said Pistorius shouted at her on several occasions. She also told the court she heard him shout at other people, including her sister.

The model – whose testimony was not shown on camera – also testified that her former boyfriend always carried a firearm and slept with it beside him. "He carried it around with him. At night he placed the gun on his bedside table or next to his legs on the floor," she told the court.

Judge Thokozile Masipa also heard about Pistorius' apparent obsession with his cellphone. "He took the phone with him when he went to the bathroom. He took it with him when he went to the kitchen … When I was in bed with him, he used his phone 4-5 times a night."

Taylor testified that Pistorius slept on the right side of the bed. The defense claims he was sleeping on the left side of the bed on the fateful night, as he had received treatment for a shoulder injury.

Pistorius, 27, is charged with premeditated murder and weapons counts in the killing of Steenkamp.

If he is convicted, the athlete could face at least 25 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.