Papabile 2013: Top Contenders To Be Next Pope

VIDEO: A look at who could emerge from the conclave as the new head of the Catholic Church.ABC News

intro: History has begun as cardinal electors have entered the Sistine Chapel. They come from 48 countries with one job in mind: selecting the 266th pope. Before that time comes and the white smoke clears, take a look at some of the men who are seen as favorites to next lead the Catholic Church.

quicklist: 1 category: title: Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco url: text: Born: January 14, 1943

Country: Italy

Bio Brief: The Archbishop of Genoa also serves as president of the Italian Bishops' Conference.

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quicklist: 2 category: title: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio url: text: Born: December 17, 1936

Country: Argentina

Bio Brief: The 76-year-old from Argentina was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2001.

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quicklist: 3 category: title: Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz url: text: Born: April 24, 1947

Country: Brazil

Bio Brief: Cardinal Braz de Aviz is prefect of the Vatican's office that oversees religious orders. He is the son of a butcher and one of eight children.

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quicklist: 4 category: title: Cardinal Timothy Dolan url: text: Born: February 6, 1950

Country: United States

Bio Brief: The Archbishop of New York was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI and is known for his jolly exterior.

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quicklist: 5 category: title: Cardinal Peter Erdo url: text: Born: June 25, 1952

Country: Hungary

Bio Brief: The 60-year-old is an alumnus of UC Berkeley and was twice elected president of the European Bishops' Conference.

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quicklist: 6 category: title: Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley url: text: Born: June 29, 1944

Country: United States

Bio Brief: Cardinal O'Malley of Boston wears the simple brown robes of a monk. He is the only Capuchin monk who's a member of the College of Cardinals.

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quicklist: 7 category: title: Cardinal Marc Ouellet url: text: Born: June 8, 1944

Country: Canada

Bio Brief: Ouellet has seven brothers and sisters and plays ice hockey when he can. He currently serves as head of the Congregation of Bishops.

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quicklist: 8 category: title: Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi url: text: Born: October 18, 1942

Country: Italy

Bio Brief: The Vatican's culture minister is the author of more than 150 books. He blogs, tweets and has his own television show and newspaper column.

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quicklist: 9 category: title: Cardinal Leonardo Sandri url: text: Born: November 18, 1943

Country: Argentina

Bio Brief: Born in Argentina to Italian parents, Sandri has lived in Rome since his 20s. He was a chief of staff to Pope John Paul II and announced the pontiff's death to the world from St. Peter's Square on April 2, 2005.

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quicklist: 10 category: title: Cardinal Robert Sarah url: text: Born: June 15, 1945

Country: Guinea

Bio Brief: Cardinal Sarah oversees Catholic charities around the world. He traveled to Haiti as the pope's special envoy after 2010's devastating earthquake.

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quicklist: 11 category: title: Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer url: text: Born: September 21, 1949

Country: Brazil

Bio Brief: CardinalScherer is the Archbishop of Sao Paolo, a city which has more Roman Catholics than the entire population of New York City. He is the son of German immigrants.

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quicklist: 12 category: title: Cardinal Christoph Schonborn url: text: Born: January 22, 1945

Country: Austria

Bio Brief: A count as well as a cardinal, Schonborn has seven first names to match the seven languages he can speak. He was a student of Joseph Ratzinger and has been called Pope Benedict XVI's "spiritual son."

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quicklist: 13 category: title: Cardinal Angelo Scola url: text: Born: November 7, 1941

Country: Italy

Bio Brief: The Archbishop of Milan was made a cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2003. He is viewed as both an intellectual and an extrovert.

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