Photos: Field hospitals built around the globe as coronavirus pandemic spreads

Stadiums, parks and convention centers are being transformed into hospitals.

Places where large crowds gathered for sports and entertainment events are now being transformed into field hospitals as the world combats the spread of coronavirus.

Now, these makeshift care centers are going up in many locations, from stadiums in Seattle and Rio de Janeiro to convention centers in New York and Madrid and fair grounds in Florida.

Tents have been popping up in soccer fields, parking lots and in Central Park to create extra space for patients. Turf is being covered by temporary floors, members of the military and volunteer armies are being called up to help construct them.

As cases grow, existing hospitals around the world have quickly been overwhelmed, forcing governments to react by quickly adding capacity by erecting field hospitals.

See how it has evolved:



Belgrade, Serbia


On Friday, in his first public appearance since being diagnosed with COVID-19, Prince Charles made a video message for the opening of the temporary NHS Nightingale hospital at the ExCel Centre in London, which will have 4,000 beds.

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Gothenburg, Sweden

New York

Crema, Italy


Lahore, Pakistan

Miami, Florida

Dallas, Texas

Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal

Madrid, Spain

Outside of wartime, field hospitals are used primary for natural disasters. As the pandemic transforms daily life, it is also transforming some public spaces in a way we have not seen before.