Str/AFP via Getty Images
  • ABC News photo editors chose the best news images of the week for this collection.<br><br>Protesters hold hands and keep watch during a nighttime demonstration against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, March 13, 2021.
    Str/AFP via Getty Images
  • A police officer stands by as a body is taken from Gold Spa after a shooting, March 16, 2021, in Atlanta.
    Brynn Anderson/AP
  • Ugandan opposition leader and singer Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, known as Bobi Wine, is detained during an anti-government demonstration in Kampala, Uganda, March 15, 2021.
    Abubaker Lubowa/Reuters
  • A boy looks out of a shattered window damaged in a bomb explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, March 18, 2021. Several people were killed and injured in the attack on a minibus carrying employees of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
    Hedayatullah Amid/EPA via Shutterstock
  • An injured demonstrator is carried away on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar, as protests continued March 14, 2021, despite the intensifying violent crackdowns by security forces.
    Str/EPA via Shutterstock
  • Syrians carry the national flag during a gathering in the rebel-held city of Idlib, March 15, 2021, to mark 10 years since nationwide anti-government protests sparked the country's devastating civil war. Syria's war has killed more than 388,000 people and displaced millions of Syrians. Idlib, which has been protected by a ceasefire since March 2020, is one of the few key areas still holding out against the Damascus government.
    Omar Haj Kadour/AFP via Getty Images
  • People wait to buy low-cost cooking gas from the Petrobrás Oil Tankers Union in the Vila Vintem favela of Rio de Janeiro, March 12, 2021. The union promoted the sale as part of a solidarity campaign.
    Bruna Prado/AP
  • A jockey spurs his cows during a tournament in Tanah Datar, Indonesia, March 13, 2021.
    Antara Foto/Iggoy el Fitra via Reuters
  • Fernandes, a former minivan driver, and Lisda, a former small business owner, put on silver paint before begging on the streets, March 10, 2021, in Depok, Indonesia. Using a highly toxic improvised metallic paint, they coat their bodies and transform themselves into living statues.
    Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images
  • Migrants from Central America cross the Paso del Norte International Bridge into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, after arriving in a chartered flight from Brownsville, Texas, during their deportation, March 17, 2021.
    Paul Ratje/Reuters
  • Family and friends of Elfego Miranda Diaz, one of the Guatemalan nationals killed in the Santa Anita massacre, attend his funeral procession in Comitancillo, Guatemala, March 13, 2021. In January, 19 migrants, mostly from Guatemala, were killed in Santa Anita, Mexico, in what authorities think was part of a turf war between gangs over control of migrant smuggling routes.
    Esteban Biba/EPA via Shutterstock
  • Images of New Yorkers who died during the coronavirus pandemic are projected onto the Brooklyn Bridge during a commemoration ceremony, March 14, 2021, in Brooklyn, N.Y.
    Kevin Hagen/AP