Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimbert
  • A man floats in the 57th-floor swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with the skyline of the Singapore financial district behind him, 2013. The image is part of the exhibition <a href="" target="external">"Privilege in a Time of Inequality"</a>, curated by Myles Little, an associate photo editor at Time. Despite his intention to have this project seen by as many people as possible, Little was not trying to curate a democratic show about the 1%.
    Paolo Woods and Gabriele Galimbert
  • Varvara in her home cinema, Moscow, 2010. This is one of the few images in the entire show that portrays a member of the 1%. "I did not want to turn this into a witchhunt," Little says, pointing out that many of the hyper-wealthy are also extremely generous donors doing very good work. "I wanted to get the focus away from individuals and towards global trends,” Little said.
    Anna Skladmann
  • Shanghai Falling (Fuxing Lu Demolition), 2002. As a part of Little's attention to detail, the exhibition is being shown mostly outside of traditional art markets, focusing on art festivals in developing countries such as Nigeria, Bosnia, Dubai and China. "I am glad to get this work out of America and into countries such as China, where wealth and inequality has skyrocketed".
    Greg Girard
  • A street preacher in New York appeals to Wall Street to repent, 2011. "This photo by Chris Anderson reminds me of the story of Jesus in the temple, sweeping out money lenders." Little says.
    Christopher Anderson/Magnum
  • Mine Security, North Mara Mine, Tanzania, 2011. "There is a moral distillation of incredible wealth and extreme potential for violence by property owners against lower classes in defense of that wealth," Little says during our interview.
    David Chancellor
  • Legless star cleaner on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2005.
    Juliana Sohn
  • "Roma Hills" guard-gated homes looking east, Henderson, Nev., 2012. Little sought to include images that reflected the idea of the exclusivity and privilege from both a fine art and a photojournalism perspective. The images were carefully selected from thousands of existing projects. One of the criterium was that each image was made with medium format film, a more expensive photographic process that lends itself to fine-art exhibition.
    Michael Light
  • Cheshire, Ohio, 2009. Little says, "I want to take the language of nobility, silence, calm, beauty, consideration, and use that to critique nobility. The photography art world is very much a part of the 1%, I want to acknowledge that."
    Daniel Shea
  • Chrysler 300, 2007. Even with his sharp critique of wealth inequality, Little remains optimistic. "I think that its a false choice between progress and poverty, between poor and ultra-capitalistic."
  • LaGuardia landing pattern over Brooklyn, 2006. The project that started as a conversation between Little and a gallerist friend in Mexico now includes writings by famed economist Joseph Stiglitz and is being turned into a book.
    Kevin Cooley