Prince Harry Tours Invictus Games Competition Site, Says Games Are About Second Chances

The games begin this Sunday in Orlando.

More than 500 veterans from around the world will participate. The games "shine a light on the holistic recovery and rehabilitation that occurs through sport for the wounded, ill, and injured Service men and women who participate in them," according to the official Invictus Games website.

Most importantly, the games represent "coming back from rock bottom," the prince said.

"All [these competitors] want to do is get back to that status amongst their family that I am still the same person. I may look different or I may have a disability now, but I'm stronger now than I ever have been," Harry told ESPN anchor Chris Fowler. "This is a big moment for everyone to say thank you to the guys who put their life on the line. Thank you to the people who serve our country and put themselves in harms way so we don't have to."

The prince said many of the injured service members competing in 2014 felt inspired afterward.

"It's about making the most of your second chance. I hope we can encourage as many people as we can to tune in and watch it with all the families sitting there cheering on Team USA," he said.

Even the Obamas have gotten into the spirit.

Harry promised the games are fun for competitors and fans alike.

"It's great to have everybody here together in one place. Whether you love paralympic sports, whether you love veterans, whether you love the services, whatever it is, it's epic amounts of fun!" he said.