Prince William's Stag Party Secrets Revealed

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Princes William and Harry have been tight-lipped about Prince William's bachelor party.

"It's always good to outfox the media. But it was a military operation and my brother and I are very proud of how it went," said Prince William.

Prince Harry told ABC News his "lips [were] sealed."

"Nice try, getting me to talk about the stag weekend. That was never going to happen," said Harry.

When asked if he woke up with a sore head the next day, Prince William replied, "Again, you're not going to get anything out of me on that."

But the Sun has discovered that the party took place in an 800-year-old manor house, and activities included skeet shooting, surfing and drinking games.

"At one stage one of William's mates pulled out a chest wig and a hair piece and insisted that he put them on. High jinx, royal style," Duncan Larcombe of The Sun told ABC News.

Larcombe said there were no strippers present at the party. "Clarence House are very quick to insist that absolutely nobody externally came in to the stag party. I think that's their way of saying there were no strippers or burlesque dancers," Larcombe said.

Will Sir Elton John Attend the Royal Wedding?

Sir Elton John, a wedding guest, hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and played himself in a skit talking to members of the royal family.

"I've played big national occasions before," John said.

"What are you going to do? Change the words to Candle in the Wind again?" replied the Queen, played by Fred Armisen.

Other speculation has it that Kate has invited her first flame, Willem Marx, to the wedding, and Prince William might arrive on a white horse.

Kate's sister Pippa Middleton was spotted with their mother, Carole, outside designer Alice Temperley's London showroom. Temperley cut Kate's dress for her post-engagement appearance, and after Pippa and Carole Middleton reportedly spent three hours inside the dress shop, it is rumored that Temperley will design either Kate's wedding dress or the bridesmaids' dresses.