Public Asked to Sew Pouches for Injured Kangaroos in Australia

Young kangaroos, wallabies rescued from wildfire need warm pouches to recover.

— -- A public appeal for people to make mittens for burned koalas worked so well that an animal group is asking for pouches for rescued kangaroos and wallabies.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare says it has plenty of koala mittens, thanks to the public, but joeys, or young marsupial animals, like Gabby the Western Grey Kangaraoo also need attention.

Gabby was orphaned after the recent Sampson Flat bush fire, The Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organization (AMWRRO) said on its website.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare last week asked the public to make koalas mittens after fires swept the Sampson Flat locality in South Australia, where it's the summer season.

Koalas injured in wildfires in Australia have been healing with the help of paw protectors, a template of which is available online.

Like the koalas that have burned paws from fleeing fire grounds, the IFAW explained on its website that rescued kangaroos need the public's help to create warm, pouch-like environments in five sizes.

"Gabby was found in extreme pain due to badly burnt feet and paws she sustained whilst fleeing the fire ground," AMWRRO said on its website.

Photos show Gabby wearing sock-like bandages on her limbs and wrapped in fleece.

"Gabby is still very dehydrated and will undergo burn and fluid treatment until she is considered stable," AMWRRO said.