Refugees Make Desperate Dash for Croatian Border

The incident comes as Croatia made changes to its immigration policy.

September 18, 2015, 4:30 PM

BELI MANASTIR, Croatia -- Refugees have been flooding across the Croatian border and ABC News was there with them as they faced their new reality.

We walked with them, some of the last to be able to cross, through the dark cornfield on the Serbian side.

We then caught up with hundreds on the other side of the border as they pushed and shoved to get on buses and then one of the most astounding things any of us had ever seen: thousands sleeping on the railway tracks, slammed into empty rail cars waiting for trains that aren't coming, at least not for now now.

Croatia closed all but one of its eight border crossings with Serbia after more than 13,000 people, who were turned away from Hungary, flooded into the country in a matter of days.

Croatian authorities report that 5,650 have made it into Croatia in the last 24 hours alone and nearly all of them are now crowded at the tiny train station of Tovarnik.

The station was overwhelmed as people slept all along the side of the tracks. All rail traffic from Serbia to Croatia has been stopped.

At the Tovarnik station, only a handful of Red Cross workers are on hand to give out food and provisions for the hundreds of babies and children there.

ABC News has not been able to verify yet whether any refugees have been allowed through this morning at that one border crossing.