Royal Wedding: Prince William Admits Feeling 'Nervous' About Approaching Nuptials

Prince confesses to having wedding day jitters before his April 29 nuptials.

ByABC News
March 31, 2011, 8:11 PM

April 1, 2011 — -- Even princes get the wedding day jitters.

With his event-of-the-generation nuptials looming, Britain's Prince William has confessed to feeling a creeping nervousness.

When an interviewer with the BBC asked the 28-year-old prince if there was any aspect of the wedding that gave him sleepless nights, William laughed and replied, "The whole thing."

"I was telling everyone when I did the rehearsals the other day and my knees started going, tapping quite nervously," he said, "so it's quite a daunting prospect but very exciting, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it. But there's still a lot of planning to be done in the last four weeks."

A feat of planning allowed William to pull off his bachelor -- or stag -- party last week without the media finding out under after the fact.

Princes Delight In 'Outfoxing' Media

William acknowledged feeling satisfaction at having been able to "outfox the media."

"It was a military operation and my brother and I are very proud of how it went," he said.

He laughingly deflected several questions for details of the event.

"You know I can't do that," he told the BBC's interviewer. "You're not going to get anything out of me on that."

His younger brother, Prince Harry, also was close-mouthed about the secrets of the stag party.

"Nice try, getting me to talk about the stag weekend. That was never going to happen," Harry jokingly told ABC News' Bob Woodruff in an interview Wednesday.

But Harry didn't mind talking about how pleased he was about his brother's upcoming nuptials, and spoke of princess-to-be Kate Middleton in glowing terms.

"She's a fantastic girl. She really is. My brother is very lucky," Harry said of his 28-year-old future sister-in-law. "She's very lucky to find my brother. The two of them are a classic match."

Prince William Finds RAF Service Rewarding

The entire world will watch the April 29 wedding in London's Westminster Abbey.

After the big day, William told the BBC that he was looking forward to settling down in Anglesey, the island in northern Wales where he and Kate will make their home and where he will continue his service in the Royal Air Force.

William currently serves as a pilot with the RAF's Search and Rescue Force, and said the job was demanding but rewarding.

"Every day, you come in to work and you don't quite know what's going to happen," he said. "It's quite exciting in that's sense. It's unpredictable. But at the same time, it's great that you get to go out and actually save someone's life, hopefully, or at least make a difference to someone, you know. When you know that they're in trouble, you do everything you can to get there."

He added that the "team environment" in the cockpit made it "very much sort of a big family in the sky, and the guys do a fantastic job."

"I'm very privileged to be flying with some of the best pilots, I think, in the world," he said.

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