Search Zone for Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Spans Two Hemispheres

PHOTO: The search area for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 now includes two corridors: one stretching from approximately the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand and another stretching across Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean. PlayABC News
WATCH Missing Malaysian Flight 370: Stunning Confirmation

The revelation that the vanished Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 remained in the air for nearly seven hours after it disappeared from radar has left officials scrambling to figure out where the jet could have ended up.

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Data received by a satellite suggests the plane could have gone along two separate corridors. One path to the north reaches from southern Kazakhstan to northern Thailand.

Missing Malaysian Flight: What We Know

The other corridor to the south starts at Indonesia and goes to the southern Indian Ocean. The two regions span thousands of miles and two hemispheres.

ABC aviation expert John Nance said it’s unlikely the plane followed a path in the northern corridor because countries in that region - such as India - have radar that would have picked up the large jetliner. To find the plane in the more remote the southern region will require a massive undertaking, he said.

“You have to add an hour of flight time to the [southern] radius,” said Nance. “That’s 500 miles in either direction [from the radius.] It’s an enormous, enormous area.”

“The bottom line is we’re going to have some luck,” said Nance.