Skier's Fall Into Swiss Alps Crevasse Captured on Video

Benjamin Spilthooren spent 30 minutes trapped in the crevasse.

"I thought I was going to die," Benjamin Spilthooren said in a translated interview, according to France 2.

"My skis are hanging in the emptiness, I see under my feet an abyss, I know if I dropped or if I slipped, or if the snow collapsed, but I fell and slipped down 5 or 6 meters into the crevasse, then I stopped against an ice wall," Spilthooren said of his fall on May 24.

Spilthooren continued to record video of the ordeal as he screamed for help and spent 30 minutes stranded under the snow. The dramatic video captures the dark, snowy walls surrounding Spilthooren as he waits for help.

But finally, the camera faces the sunlight and crews come to his rescue. The video shows Spilthooren's hand connect with the guide's as he gets pulled out of the crevasse.