Leaked Memo Warns of Tanker Terror Threat to U.K. and U.S.



Police Hunt for Tanker Terror Cell

Police have admitted that they are no nearer to finding a mastermind behind the July 7 bombings as Scotland Yard face a new threat. (The Times)

Leaked U.S. Intelligence Document Warning of Terrorist Attacks On London And America Using Fuel Tankers (The Times)

London Bomb Suspects Stood Out as Radicals

Men accused of planning failed attacks on London's transit system had clearly defined their militancy. (LA Times)


Cypriot Plane Crash Baffles Experts

Airline experts are at a loss to explain how a Cypriot plane carrying 121 people crashed yesterday after apparently losing cabin pressure or oxygen, but say it is likely to be a combination of factors. (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Air Crash Focus On Loss of Oxygen

Passengers sent text messages about freezing temperature. (The Guardian)

Cypriot Plane's Black Boxes Sent to France

Cypriot airliner 'black boxes' sent to France amid reports passengers died before crash. (AP)


Guantanamo Detainee Says Beating Injured Spine

Now in wheelchair, Egyptian-born teacher objects to plan to send him to native land. (Washington Post)


AFP Refuse to Confirm Mathew Stewart As Man In Terror Tape

The Federal Government has dismissed as mere speculation today, reports that a former Australian soldier who went missing in Central Asia four years ago is the mystery masked man in the al-Qaeda video. (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC)


Egypt Makes Progress In Resort-Blast Inquiry

The Egyptian authorities said Sunday that they had identified all of the members of a terrorist cell responsible for the July attacks on Sharm el Sheik, arrested three suspects, started a search for several others and uncovered a cache of explosives hidden in the northern Sinai. (AP)

Sinai Bus Blast Fears Played Down

Egyptian authorities say there has been a serious incident near the airport used by the multinational observer force in the Sinai Peninsula. (BBC)

The Search for Bin Laden

CIA's Bin Laden Hunter to Reveal Near-Miss Raid

Dressed in flowing Afghan robes, Gary Berntsen led the CIA undercover team, codenamed Jawbreaker, assigned to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden in the mountains of Tora Bora during the dying days of the Afghan war. (The Sunday Times)



New Terror Court Case Kicks Off in Yemen

A Yemeni court specialized in terror cases Monday started the prosecution of 34 people on charges of supporting slain rebel leader Hussein al-Houthy. (UPI)


Iraq Parties Fight for Final Deal

Iraqi leaders have still to reach agreement on the country's new constitution, only hours before a deadline to present it to parliament. (BBC)

Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq

A Time investigation reveals the Tehran regime's strategy to gain influence in Iraq--and why U.S. troops may now face greater dangers as a result. (Time Magazine)

U.S. Lowers Sights On What Can Be Achieved in Iraq

Administration Is Shedding 'Unreality' That Dominated Invasion, Official Says. (Washington Post)

Al Qaeda's Zarqawi in N. Iraq, Turkey Suspect Says

A suspected al Qaeda militant arrested by Turkish police last week was quoted on Sunday as saying Abu Musab al Zarqawi, one of America's most wanted men, was hiding in northern Iraq. (Reuters)

'Zarqawi Aide Killed In Ambush'

United States officials say Iraqi forces have killed a senior aide to the militant leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. (BBC)


Iraqi Kurdistan A World Away From War

Fly into Irbil, the regional capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, and you feel that you have arrived in another country. (BBC)

Permanent U.S. Bases in Iraq? Experts See a Political Minefield

President Bush and his top advisors have never said the United States wants to establish permanent military bases in Iraq. But they have never ruled out the possibility either. (LA Times)

Divorce, Terror, and Nuclear Dreams

The region appears to have even hotter times in store for it, as dark clouds gather. With the exception of the scheduled Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and a handful of West Bank settlements, the indicators point to a deepening of various crises. (Al Hayat)

What You Can't Say Will Hurt You

Even speech glorifying violence should be heard. (NY Times)

Islam Hijacked in Europe

It's a colossal scandal when a group of extremists and lunatics are turned into representatives of a religion as widespread as Islam with billions of people under its shade. It is also sad that people like Bakri, Abu Qatada, and Abu Hamza Al-Masri are featured on a daily basis on all global TV station as Islamic leaders. (Asharq al Awsat)

How Bush Would Gain From War with Iran

The U.S. has the capability and reasons for an assault - and it is hard to see Britain uninvolved. (The Guardian)

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