Syrian Official: U.N. Can Question Assad's Relatives



UN Probe 'Can Quiz Key Syrians'

Syria says a UN team investigating Rafik Hariri's death can question two relatives of President Assad. (BBC)

U.N. Tells Syria to Stop Impeding Slaying Inquiry

Damascus was warned of "further action" if it obstructed an inquiry into the assassination of the ex-premier of Lebanon. (NY Times)


Guantanamo Desperation Seen in Suicide Attempts

Suicide attempts by detainees at the U.S. military prison point to utter loss of hope, lawyers say. (Washington Post)


Cuba Accused of Illegal Campaign Gifts in Brazil

The president's party received up to $3 million in contributions from Cuba, according to Brazil's leading newsmagazine. (NY Times)

South Asia Earthquake

Some Victims Untreated Three Weeks After Quake

On Thursday, Dr. Ali Shehada took a short hike outside this mountain town to explore the disturbing reports from his patients: Nearly three weeks after an earthquake devastated northern Pakistan, injured women still lay in nearby villages with untreated wounds. (NY Times)


Group Denies Involvement in India Attacks

Militant Group Believed to Have Been Responsible for New Delhi Bombings Denies Involvement. (AP)


Newest Bombs Pose Major Threat to U.S. Troops in Iraq

Pentagon documents obtained by ABC News say insurgents in Iraq are using deadlier devices against U.S. troops. (ABC News)

Basra Explosion Kills 20 Among Festive Crowds

Car blast in market area as end of Ramadan nears. Second attack close to British army base. (The Guardian)

Court-Martial Recommended for U.S. Soldier

A U.S. military investigating officer on Tuesday recommended a court-martial for a National Guard soldier charged with killing two of his superiors in Iraq and raised the possibility of a death sentence. (AP)

Iraqi Militants 'To Try' Hostages

A web statement apparently from al-Qaeda in Iraq says two kidnapped staff from Baghdad's Moroccan embassy are to be tried in an Islamic court. (BBC)

Former Iraqi PM Allawi Reveals Latest Assassination Plot on His Life

Iraq's former Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, revealed an Iraqi political faction planned to assassinate him by enlisting the help of a militia group and indicated he had obtained a detailed copy of plot from a trusted intelligence source last week. (Asharq al Awsat)



Dispute Leaves U.S. Executive in Chinese Legal Netherworld

China's legal system has progressed slowly in backing foreign investors and ordinary citizens against the state. (NY Times)


What's Become of Bin Laden Since He Gave Us All The Slip?

Some think he is dead, others that he is hiding because he is scared of being killed. (The Telegraph)

Al-Zarqawi as Master Strategist in Iraq, Rising Leader of the Global Jihad

A series of online statements posted by the mujahideen increasingly downplay the issue of foreign invasion as a factor in the rise of jihad. (The Jamestown Foundation)

A Glimmer of Hope Part Three

The UN investigator, Mehlis, is leading us towards what we politically expected, that is that Syria is guilty as charged. The Security Council will further endorse a series of sanctions that it will be unable to escape. (Asharq al Awsat)

Syria's Future in Doubt As Pressure Mounts

By tightening the diplomatic noose around Syria's leadership, the United States is aiming to ensure a weakened, compliant government in Damascus without the use of military force. (Reuters)

Bridges over the Bombs

The timing of Saturday's three synchronised blasts on the eve of celebrations of the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Muslim Eid al Fitr, was calculated to hit ordinary families preparing for religious holidays. (The Guardian)

Why This Unpopular War Has No Tipping Point

Once a downward spiral of public support has begun, it's hard to reverse. (CS Monitor)

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