American al Qaeda Charged with Treason


American al Qaeda Charged with Treason

The Justice Department indicted an American-born al Qaeda leader for treason today. (ABC News)


Study Claims Iraq's 'Excess' Death Toll Has Reached 655,000

A team of American and Iraqi epidemiologists estimates that 655,000 more people have died in Iraq since coalition forces arrived in March 2003 than would have died if the invasion had not occurred. (Washington Post)

2,660 Iraqi Civilians Killed in Sept.

More than 2,660 Iraqi civilians were killed in the capital in September amid a wave of sectarian killings and insurgent attacks, an increase of 400 over the month before, according to figures from the Iraqi Health Ministry. (AP)


Tough Sanctions Will Mean War, Says North Korea

North Korea said harsh economic sanctions against it would equal a declaration of war, while across the heavily fortified border, South Korean generals met to discuss military readiness. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Japan Announces N Korea Sanctions

Japan is to impose tough new sanctions against North Korea in response to its claimed nuclear test. (BBC)


Congo Gangs Hold Thousands of Child Soldiers: Report

At least 11,000 children in Congo are still in the hands of armed groups or unaccounted for three years after the end of a war in which they were captured and forced to fight, Amnesty International said on Wednesday. (Reuters)


Foley Cruising in His BMW; Another Dorm Visit in 2000

A staff supervisor at the dorm for congressional pages intervened when former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) tried to pay the teens a nighttime visit in the summer of 2000, ABC News has learned. (ABC News)

Former Page Interviewed by the FBI

Former congressional page Jordan Edmund spent two-and-a-half hours today talking with the FBI and answering questions about Mark Foley, his lawyer says. (ABC News)

Aide to Testify In US E-Mail Row

A top aide to the former US congressman who resigned over an explicit e-mail scandal is to testify before the House of Representatives ethics committee. (BBC)


PA probing Militant Group's Claim It Kidnapped American in Nablus

Palestinian security officials said Wednesday that they were investigating reports by a previously unknown militant group in the West Bank that it has kidnapped an American student. (Haaretz)


Ammo Dump at U.S. Base in Baghdad in Flames

A fire broke out at an ammunition dump at a U.S. base in southern Baghdad on Tuesday night, causing a series of explosions that rocked the capital, the U.S. military said in a statement. (Reuters)

5 Killed in Violence Around Iraq

Violence around Iraq claimed at least five lives on Wednesday, including a bomb in a parked car that exploded next to a police patrol in southeastern Baghdad, killing two passers-by. (AP)

DNA Proves Shot Iraqi Was Al Qaeda Fugitive

Genetic tests on samples from a suspected terrorist shot dead in Iraq last month by British troops prove that he was al-Qaeda fugitive Omar al-Farouq, the US-led coalition said today. (


In Russia, Free Press Comes With a Price

The mourners stood in the rain, which fell heavily for moments, fulfilling their part in a ritual of sadness and anger and, politically speaking, inconsequence that has become strikingly common in Russia. (NY Times)


FBI Agents Still Lacking Arabic Skills

Only 33 out of 12,000 agents have even a limited proficiency, and none work in areas that coordinate investigations of international terrorism. (Washington Post)


Latest Jihadi Video Includes Threat to the White House

A new video aired by al Arabiya television today shows an al Qaeda militant urging fighters to train hard and encourages training on nuclear weapons. (ABC News)


N Korea pushes at US 'red line'

By Charles Scanlon

North Korea's claimed nuclear test is the culmination of nearly two decades of confrontation with the United States - a dangerous game of chicken in the heart of the world's most dynamic economic region. (BBC)

Accept North Korea into The Nuclear Club Or Bomb It Now

By Simon Jenkins

Economic sanctions are a coward's response that would only punish the people while propping up Kim Jong-il's dictatorship. (The Guardian)

Murdering the Messengers

By David Kaplan

Now they've killed Anna. An assassin murdered Anna Politkovskaya, one of Russia's leading investigative reporters, in Moscow on Saturday. She's the latest of 43 journalists killed in Russia since 1992–many of them, like Anna, slain execution style. Most of those killings remain unsolved, not a surprise in the Russia of Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB autocrat who has little patience for such democratic irritants as a free press. (US News & World Report)

Racial Profiling Won't Stop Terror

By K. Jack Riley and Greg Ridgeway

Focusing security efforts only on young Muslim men sends a message Islamist terrorists that they can evade detection by sending people who do not fit this profile. (Washington Post)

Pakistan's Balancing Act

By Eben Kaplan

Pakistan faces growing charges that its intelligence service, the ISI, is supporting a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan as well as terror attacks elsewhere. President Musharraf has dismissed the charges, although he has suggested there may be some unsanctioned Pakistani backing for the Taliban. (Council On Foreign Relations)

When The Stick Waves, the Hornet Stings

By John Feffer

Five years ago, when US President George W Bush took office, North Korea didn't claim membership in the nuclear club. Its plutonium-reprocessing facilities were frozen. It was even willing to negotiate away its missile program. (Asia Times)

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