Austrian Incest Dad Jailed His Mother

Austrian media said that Josef Fritzl also locked up his own mother years ago.

PASSAU, Germany, Oct. 30, 2008 — -- Austrian newspapers are reporting today that Josef Fritzl, the man police say held his daughter captive for 24 years in his basement, also locked up his own mother.

"She always beat me and she never gave me any love. Sometimes she would beat me until I was lying on the floor. I always felt so humiliated and weak. ..." the newspapers News and Oesterreich, quoted Fritzl as saying, citing transcripts of court-ordered psychiatric evaluations they obtained.

"My mother was a simple maid, and she was working all the time. She never kissed me, and she never hugged me, even though I always tried to please her, " according to the transcripts." The only thing she would do was to take me to the church on Sundays."

Years later, according to the papers, Fritzl said he took revenge.

The transcript reveals that Fritzl told doctors that he yelled at his mother and locked her up in a room on the first floor. He shut the window and bricked it up so the woman had to live without daylight. His mother died in 1980, held like a prisoner by her own son, reports the News, referring to excerpts of the court-ordered psychiatric evaluation.

Austrian News agency APA quotes other parts of the psychiatric evaluation in which Josef Fritzl talked about his daughter, Elisabeth, whom he is charged with imprisoning in a windowless dungeon at the family home in Amstetten, Austria.

"I only had sexual intercourse with her after I had captured her for four, maybe five months. By that time I did not consider her my daughter but my wife, more like a partner," Fritzl is quoted saying in the transcripts. "I often talked to her about my feelings, but she would always complain how much I made her suffer."

"I always told her I could not let her free because I would then lose her forever."

Fritzl, who has reportedly fathered seven children with his daughter, is being held in a prison in St. Pölten, Austria. The prosecution is expected to charge him next month, and a trial will likely happen early next year.