Scotland to Outlaw Corporal Punishment

ByCindy Martin

L O N D O N, Sept. 7, 2001 -- Scotland is expected to make spanking young children illegal for the first time in Britain, The Guardian reports.

The proposals made by the Scottish Parliament say spanking children under the age of 3 will be illegal, as will be hitting any child on the head, shaking them or striking them with an implement.

It will also be illegal for day-care centers, schools and baby sitters to administer corporal punishment.

If passed, Scottish parents will face a different set of laws from parents in England.

Kate's Mess

Supermodel Kate Moss is suffering a fractured shoulder this morning and is described as lucky to be alive after a car she was riding in Thursday night collided with another car and somersaulted off the road, reports The Times.

Firemen had to cut her free from the chauffeur-driven Range Rover before airlifting her to an Essex hospital, where she was treated for cuts and bruises and the fracture. A spokesperson for Storm modeling agency says, "She's absolutely fine, thank God."

Taking Fanaticism to a New Level

English soccer fans are said to be some of the most fanatical in the world and three lads are proving that by bicycling 6,000 miles to the 2002 World Cup championships in Japan and South Korea, writes the Daily Star.

Tom Roberts, Gary Flinn and Martin Breen will be traveling by land and sea, without a single plane in sight. "We all left our jobs on Friday [last week] and are just hoping we have allowed sufficient time to enable us to make the World Cup," said Breen.

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